When the last of the gardens were completed we looked to a fall project of converting an old cabin (which had since become an old turkey run) back to a new cabin!

We enlisted our very good friend Paul to lead us through some renovations with the goal of making the cabin 3-season liveable by snowfall.

Here’s a look back on the progress we made, as we now look forward to inhabiting the cabin through the coming season at Terramor Farm.

Shamus and Brodie attack the surrounding brush with machetes.

Shamus tosses out an old tire. The inside was filthy.

Paul begins to measure and assess the interior.

Paul and Dana beginning to lay down some flooring.

Floors in. Winter was coming so we moved everything inside! Take note of the extension on the front. We weren’t sure when or why someone added it but we used it as an opportunity to add a window (seen on the right). However it also required pulling down all the boards and adding insulation!

We tore the boards down and added a vapour barrier as an attempt to minimize draft. We are not too worried about heat as its a small place and we have a fireplace with chimney! Paul also looks super cool and hunkey.

Sliding door. The view out this baby is directly onto our beautiful gardens. Can’t wait for summer!

All tucked away and sealed before winter.
Not pictured: The insane mess still remains inside. Can’t wait for the thaw to get finished up and moved into our beautiful little cabin!