4-6 tomatoes (Diced)
Onion of choice…we used spanish (Chopped)
Garlic (Chopped)
4 Terramor Eggs
Terramor Basil
Terramor scapes (Chopped)
Terramor kale (Chopped)
Terramor spinach (Whole)
….and any other terramor lettuce greens you’re looking to cook up.
Add spices as you wish (we used the classic s&p)

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  1. Sauté your onion and garlic in a wok or large saucepan (2-5 mins on medium heat)
  2. Add in your diced tomatoes and chopped scapes, cover with a lid to let simmer (10-15 minutes, reduce heat slightly)
  3. Then stir the tomatoes, garlic and scapes periodically until it gets nice and JUICY!!! (season at this point)
  4. When the tomatoes start to turn a “mushy” texture, if you will, add in you’re greens (2-5 minutes)
  5. This is where the eggs come in. Take a spatula and put it to the bottom of the wok and pull the liquid and veggies to the side creating a hole to crack the egg into. You do this for all 4 eggs. Try to evenly distribute them around the pan (5- 10 minutes depending on how you like you’re eggs poached)And voila! You have a delicious brunchy meal.
    Hangover option: SMOTHER IN CHEESE