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Dahlia Planting Details


  • Plant outside only after there is no risk of frost
  • Locate a sunny area that receives (at least) 6-8 hours of direct sun 
  • Plant the tuber 4-6” deep, with the eye facing upwards. The eye is a small bud that will sprout into a new plant
  • Dahlia’s can be grown in large pots or in the ground but require space (12-18” between plants) and sometimes will require support (similar to a tomato plant)
  • Water only when they begin to sprout above the soil. Overwatering can cause the tubers to rot in the ground. Once the plant reaches 12” tall, they need to be watered twice a week.
  • When the plant is 12-16” tall, pinch off  the top of the main stem, above the highest set of branches. This will encourage longer stems and more blooms


Always wait for 2 good ‘killing’ frosts.

After the frost, the dahlias can be dug up and stored indoors for winter. 

  • Cut off blackened foliage leaving 2-4” of the stem
  • Dig up the tubers carefully, clean off excess soil and leave to dry for 48 hours. Once dry, the tubers can be divided (selecting and splitting into portions that possess an ‘eye’)
  • Pack the tubers in a sealed container so that they are not touching each other and are surrounded with peat moss
  • Store in a cool environment around 45-50 degrees